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  1. Regulating drone use: State stops cities from passing own rules
    06 Sep, 2017
    Regulating drone use: State stops cities from passing own rules
    In addition to the FAA regulating drone pilots, states and cities are also able to legislate the use of UAVs. In many states, this has created a patchwork of laws and a fair amount of confusion for the person operating a business; however, this is not the case for Arizona.
  2. Aerospace Arizona Members Tour Falcon Field
    15 Aug, 2017
    Aerospace Arizona Members Tour Falcon Field
    Approximately 20 members and guests of the Aerospace Arizona Association attended a tour on August 3 of Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, Arizona. The group learned of the airport’s history, its current uses, and toured several of the businesses operating on and adjacent to the airport campus. Falcon Field Airport was established in 1941 as a military airport during World War II to train British Royal Air Force and American pilots. Following the war, it was deeded to the city of Mesa as a
  3. 12 Jul, 2017
    Embedded Systems Suppliers Meeting
    Merging of embedded systems and the Internet of Things, More compelling and reliable products, Faster market introduction, Reduced capital and operational costs.
  4. Tijuana Delegation Lauds Arizona's Technological Advancement
    01 Jun, 2017
    Tijuana Delegation Lauds Arizona's Technological Advancement
    As a follow-up to a successful first visit to Tijuana Mexico by an Aerospace Arizona Association delegation, this visit by CPI to Arizona was organized to showcase a dynamic Aerospace & Defense manufacturing industry with more than 1200 A&D companies.
  5. Enjoying the exhibits at the xponential UAV conference
    11 May, 2017
    Xponential Conference
    As the AVUSI XPONENTIAL Drone conference at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas wraps up, we'd like to take a break and talk about how awesome it was! There was so much learning and networking packed into one week that it will be something we continue to draw from as an organization.  The four day conference opened with a keynote address from Brian Wynne, CEO of AVUSI and drone advocate spoke of where the future of the industry is headed in both commercial applications and
  6. 18 Apr, 2017
    Speeding up Drone Authorization with FAA Maps
    On April 27, 2017 the FAA plans to release the first set of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) facility maps. These maps will show UAS operators the areas and altitudes near airports that they may operate within safely. FAA users will be able to download maps and use them when applying for licenses to fly.  "By referring to the facility maps when completing airspace authorization applications, remote pilots will be able to tailor their requests to align with locations and altitudes that the maps
  7. UAS Seminar Highlights Drone Use
    17 Apr, 2017
    UAS Seminar Highlights Drone Use
    Drones and UAS are no longer just a military tool. Over the past decade, they have become more mainstream for both recreational use and in a growing number of consumer industries. As a result of this, the FAA has prioritized education and outreach for unmanned systems and the individuals operating them.
  8. Aerospace Arizona members at Co-Production International
    27 Mar, 2017
    Shelter Manufacturing for the Aerospace Industry
    The Aerospace Arizona Association led a delegation of industry and advocacy leaders on a 2 day mission to Tijuana. Several notable meetings with the Tijuana Mayor and his cabinet, the Tijuana Economic Development Council and local Shelter organizations provided unique insight into potential partnership opportunities between the two regions. In particular, during a visit to one of the leading Shelter organizations in Tijuana, Co-Production International (CPI), the Arizona delegation was able
  9. 21 Mar, 2017
    A new perspective: drones and real estate
    Until recently, if a realtor needed aerial photography of large properties there were two not great options, using a grainy Google satellite image or hiring a very expensive chartered helicopter. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, are quickly opening the options for aerial photography. As an industry, drones are rapidly expanding accessibility by providing a more comprehensive picture at a much lower cost. They are transforming the way realtors sell property and becoming an essential tool for
  10. Aerospace Arizona Members on a tour of an aerospace manufacturing plant
    20 Mar, 2017
    Aerospace Arizona Making Connections in Tijuana
    Last week Aerospace Arizona Association and a group of its members visited Tijuana, Mexico on the Association’s first Industry Trade Trip. This trip was part of a dual exchange to create avenues for trade and business collaboration across the border, a group from Tijuana will complete the exchange with a trip to Phoenix in May where they will meet and discuss potential business partnerships with Aerospace Arizona members. Tijuana has grown rapidly in the aerospace and manufacturing sector over
  11. Drones’ growing role in agriculture’s future
    16 Mar, 2017
    Drones’ growing role in agriculture’s future
    The use of UAV or drones commercially is not new. They have been used for non-military purposes since the 1980s. However, drone technology is rapidly expanding and a multitude of industries are finding innovative uses for these aircraft every day. In the agriculture industry, drones are providing high tech solutions throughout crop cycles. Drone technology provides farms with a more detailed view of the field, in a far more cost effective and efficient manner than traditional methods of crop
  12. Legislative Update: Next steps for commercial drone regulation
    29 Dec, 2016
    Legislative Update: Next steps for commercial drone regulation
    In recent years, unmanned aircraft systems or UAS have gone from being primarily used by the military and government to a technology that is in the hands of everyone from farmers to filmmakers. New advancements in the technology are being made every day by government and civilians alike. UAS are being used to plot maps, measure crop growth, and turn everyday video enthusiasts into pros. In Arizona, the expanding UAS industry is a great benefit to our economy, but with rapid growth, comes
  13. UAV Industry Eagerly Awaits new FAA Administrator
    07 Dec, 2016
    UAV Industry Eagerly Awaits new FAA Administrator
    News broke last month that President-elect Trump may be interested in privatizing air traffic control operations and open to the possibility of having them run by a non-profit chartered by Congress instead of the FAA.  According to the Associated Press Rep. Bill Shuster, head of the House transportation committee, has spoken to Trump and believes he would be supportive of this privatization. "I have spoken to him on a number of occasions and he generally likes the idea," Shuster said. "We do
  14. Aerospace Arizona booth at the Expo
    16 Nov, 2016
    A Ground-breaking First for Arizona’s Growing Unmanned Industry
    The Summit offered a diverse lineup of speakers and topics from new innovations in the industry and agricultural drone uses, to exploring the current and future state of FAA regulations. The Summit’s approximately 150 attendees had a chance to listen and learn from industry leaders and experts in a broad range of fields. The event was the first of its kind for our state and represents an important achievement for Arizona and our UAS industry.